make a little birdhouse in your soul

February 2016


Back in January, I decided on a whim that I might as well go to London for a few days to see some friends: Becca, Katharin, Milly ✌. So I spent a few days in London and Oxford, eating way too much fish & chips. I regret nothing.


Back in Hamburg, some friends kindly enough invited a bunch of people over to make 饺子 for Chinese New Year. 新年快乐!

电影 in her eyes

We also continued the newly-established tradition of Chinese Movie Nights, at various apartments.


Bought a new pair of glasses, after five years of comparisons to a certain boy who lived. And also got a new mattress and fridge, yay responsibility!


On the 18th, Grimes did a show in Docks, which was great. Yet – apples and oranges and such – one week later, I saw Joanna Newsom live in Kampnagel and that was just breath-taking at times.


  • i found Hail, Caesar! to be very entertaining, your results may vary 🙃
  • great birthday parties 🎂
  • touristing around hamburg’s harbor area under a clear blue sky never gets old ⛵️
  • received the most beautiful selfie ☺️
  • cheesecake! For breakfast!